Top 10 NFT Artists You Need to Follow [2023]

NFT art is a revolutionary new form of digital art that has taken the world by storm. NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are unique, one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that can be bought, sold and traded on blockchain networks.

As the popularity of NFTs continues to grow, more and more artists have begun to create stunning digital art pieces that can be collected as NFTs. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the most talented and innovative NFT artists you need to follow.

From traditional painters to 3D animators and sculptors, there’s something for everyone in this list of top NFT artists. So, let’s get started!

Overview of Top 10 NFT Artists

Here are the top 10 NFT artists you should definitely be following:

1. Pak – Known for his intricate and vibrant digital art pieces, Pak’s work can be found in various NFT marketplaces.
2. Trevor Jones – Trevor’s work is known for its psychedelic nature and its use of colors. His pieces have sold for significant amounts in various NFT auctions.
3. Mad Dog Jones – Mad Dog Jones is known for his punk and cyberpunk-inspired digital art, which often depicts futuristic cityscapes and neon color schemes.
4. Krista Kim – Krista Kim’s digital art is known for its abstract and dreamy quality, often utilizing pastel colors and soothing imagery.
5. Fewocious – This young artist has taken the NFT world by storm with his quirky, anime-inspired characters that often depict themes of identity and self-discovery.
6. XCOPY – XCOPY is known for his dystopian and surrealistic digital art that often depicts the darker side of human nature.
7. Fvckrender – Fvckrender’s work is known for its realistic yet surrealistic nature, often blurring the lines between what is real and what is not.
8. Beeple – Perhaps the most well-known NFT artist, Beeple’s digital artwork “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million at Christie’s.
9. Josie Bellini – Josie Bellini’s digital art is known for its stunning and color-rich nature, often depicting landscapes and celestial themes.
10. RAREZ – RAREZ creates digital art that often explores the themes of humanity and existence, with a focus on surrealism and symbolism.

Top 10 NFT Artists

Here is the complete list of top 10 NFT artists with explanation:

1. Pak

Digital artist Pak, who prefers to remain unidentified, has produced a large body of work that has attracted wide acclaim in the NFT community. This artist has chosen to keep their name a secret so that their stunningly magnificent works can speak for themselves.

Technology, artificial intelligence, and the meeting point of the digital and physical worlds are some of the subjects explored in Pak’s artwork. The artist frequently creates elaborate, dreamlike worlds that are both bizarre and enchanting by using forms and structures that are inspired by nature, animals, and landscapes.

Pak frequently employs pulsating neon and pastel hues in their artwork, simulating the iridescent hues of the digital world and giving the observer a singular sensory experience. Each sculpture has great attention to detail, with complicated geometric forms organised in symmetrical patterns to suggest a sophisticated and well-balanced structure.

the pixel pak's nft

“The Pixel,” “Dimension,” and “Undulation” are some of Pak’s best-known works of art. Although “Dimension” addresses the idea of parallel universes and the potential for a multidimensional reality, “The Pixel” is a magnificent fractal piece that depicts the progress of technology. The captivating piece “Undulation” depicts the undulating patterns of water in a virtual environment.

Pak’s art has been featured in various NFT marketplaces such as Nifty Gateway and Foundation where their works have fetched prices of thousands of dollars. Their distinctive aesthetic and prolific output make them a force to be reckoned with in the field of digital art, and their work has been praised by many in the NFT area.

2. Trevor Jones

Trevor jones nft artist

Trevor Jones is an artist whose work connects the long tradition and history of painting with the world of innovation and technology, including AR, cryptocurrency, social media and NFTs. His bright and bold digital pieces have been gaining attention in recent years, particularly after his collaboration with Grimes.

Jones’s artworks are characterized by their vibrant colors and abstract shapes. He often uses a combination of traditional painting techniques with modern digital tools to create unique pieces that explore themes such as identity, memory, and technology. His works are often inspired by his own life experiences and observations about the world around him.

In 2021, Jones collaborated with Grimes on a series of digital artworks for her album Miss Anthropocene. The two artists worked together to create a collection of pieces that blended Grimes’s signature aesthetic with Jones’s bold style. The artwork was released as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain platform, allowing fans to purchase them as collectibles or use them as virtual currency.

Trevor Jones is an artist whose work is pushing the boundaries between traditional art forms and new technologies such as NFTs. His collaboration with Grimes has helped bring his work to a wider audience, showcasing his unique style and vision for the future of art.

3. Mad Dog Jones

Innovative multimedia artist from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Mad Dog Jones. His artwork creates a distinctive look by fusing cyberpunk motifs with the wonder and beauty of nature. He has a sizable Instagram following, and Christie’s 3.0 and Phillips have both highlighted his artwork in their auctions.

Since they mix conventional creative methods with cutting-edge technology, Jones’ NFTs are extremely fascinating. In order to express himself as an artist in new ways, he is able to use digital technologies to make his works of art.

His works frequently include future settings that inspire awe and curiosity. For instance, his work REPLICATOR (2021) has a strange environment with a blend of the present and the past.

Mad Dog Jones nft artist

Jones’ digital artwork is truly captivating. His pieces often feature vibrant colors and intricate details that draw viewers in and invite them to explore the world he has created. One of his most popular pieces is “The Garden” which features a lush garden filled with colorful flowers and plants set against a starry night sky.

Other pieces such as “The City” showcase futuristic cityscapes filled with towering skyscrapers, while “The Forest” depicts a mysterious forest filled with strange creatures and plants.

Mad Dog Jones is an incredibly talented artist who continues to push the boundaries of what can be done with digital art. His unique blend of past and present makes for captivating artwork that will continue to inspire viewers for years to come.

4. Krista Kim

krista kim nft artist

Krista Kim is a digital artist and a pioneer in the NFT art world. Her work explores themes of spirituality, harmony, and unity through digital abstraction and surrealism. Kim’s work has been featured in exhibitions around the world and in various NFT marketplaces.

Kim’s art is characterized by a distinct use of color and form, often employing pastel hues that create dreamy, serene atmospheres. Her artwork employs smooth curves and abstract shapes, creating a harmony that almost borders on the meditative qualities of art.

Kim’s intricate pieces are made possible through digital software, employing techniques such as 3D modelling and printing, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Her 2019 piece, Mars House is particularly noteworthy for being the very first NFT art house that could be displayed in virtual and augmented reality environments.

Aside from her artwork, Kim is also an NFT consultant, working with institutions like Art Basel, Christie’s, and the University of Oxford to make NFTs more accessible and navigate the ever-changing NFT art world.

Some of Kim’s notable works include “Quantum Stone,” which plays with geometric shapes to create an impression of a harmonious structure and “Iridescence,” a digital painting that employs conical, spectral forms to produce a sublime and ethereal atmosphere.

Kim has established herself as a talented and influential artist who is pushing the boundaries of the NFT art world, using digital art to explore new frontiers of spirituality and universality in a technologically advanced era.

5. Fewocious

Young (18 years old) digital artist Fewocious has an outstanding body of work in the NFT art community. Through their unique and vibrant imagery, which combines figures inspired by anime with relevant cultural connections, they frequently tackle issues of identity, the self, and self-discovery.

The artwork of Fewocious frequently combines surrealistic imagery with vivid, strong tones, creating an instantly recognisable aesthetic. In their digital pieces, they want to show how character and person interact.

fewocious nft artist

The mixing of Fewocious’ own reality with a fictional overlay is seen as an exploration in and of itself. They frequently include very emotive characters with exaggerated facial traits, such large eyes, asymmetrical hairstyles, and pointed teeth, reminding us that there are real people with distinct personalities in the world.

Collectors of fine art have taken notice of their aesthetic style, which also appeals to young people. At the age of 17, one of their memorable Nifty Gateway auctions featured a single NFT transaction that netted almost $2.1 million.

Among Fewocious’s best works are “Care Bears On Fire,” which depicts a towering figure in a mask with symbols and graffiti scrawled across the background, and the vividly coloured “Harpy,” an anime-inspired character that seems to be erupting from a crystal or ice structure.

With all of its eccentricities, colour, and unique characters, Fewocious’s artwork provides a lighthearted diversion for viewers while simultaneously delving deeply into topics of identity and self-discovery.


XCOPY is a digital artist from the UK known for his dystopian and surrealistic art, that often explores the darker side of human nature. The artist’s name is inspired by the idea that he is able to “copy” reality and create a mirror image of the world we live in.

XCOPY’s artwork is characterized by dark themes, often portraying an apocalyptic future where technology has run amok, and humanity is at the point of collapse.

His artwork explores the themes around the impact of technology on humanity, the loss of privacy, and the ever-growing surveillance state.

Xcopy nft artist

His pieces often employ intricate and breathtaking details that create a sense of darkness and foreboding, such as his piece “Crypto-Graffiti,” which depicts a dystopian landscape where cryptocurrency controls and dictates the society.

XCOPY’s pieces often frame an argument around human’s reliance on technology and illustrate the potential future we may be heading towards.

In XCOPY’s art, people are faceless and often depicted as overwhelmed by technology, like they are no longer in control of their lives. He uses motifs that predict the coming of AI, like cybernetic implants and limbs, and the merging of human consciousness and technology.

Some of his notable pieces include “Inertia,” which depicts a dark, post-apocalyptic world, and “Red Pill,” which explores the dangers of over-reliance on technology and the potential loss of humanity as we know it.

XCOPY’s art provides a sobering look at a dark and potentially bleak future, and he uses technology as a medium to confront society on this issue. He invites us to question the morality of technological advancements and contemplate the price we’re ready to pay for convenience.

7. Fvckrender

Tokyo-based digital artist Fvckrender produces surrealist works of art that blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

He skillfully creates imaginative, dreamlike environments that are nearly extraterrestrial through the use of shiny materials, warped perspectives, and weird lighting.

The artwork of Fvckrender frequently employs a monochromatic, washed-out aesthetic and focuses on common objects twisted into original creations.

The artist frequently incorporates ominous, ethereal, and surreal themes in his or her works, provoking viewers to imagine other worlds.

Fvckrender is known for his heavy use of symbolism in his digital art, frequently using figures and things to express ideas like self-reflection, personal development, and social critique.

Also, he mixes elements from the natural world and the cosmos into his artwork to produce breath-taking cosmic scenes and otherworldly abstract forms.

One of his well-known works, “Shameless,” shows a crimson garment floating amid a ghostly white cloud, symbolising freedom and flight. In addition, in “Nightwalkers,” he portrays human characters in silhouette amid extinct animals in a moonlit setting.

Fvckrender famous nft artist

Fvckrender has achieved commercial success thanks to his distinctive aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. His work is now available on websites like SuperRare, MakersPlace, and Foundation, among others.

The observer is drawn into a creative and ethereal realm by Fvckrender’s work, which transcends the bounds of reality. His artistry displays the power of the digital medium to create breathtaking and imaginative worlds, making him an NFT artist to keep an eye on.

8. Beeple

Beeple, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, is a digital artist from the United States who has gained prominence in the NFT art world.

He has created digital art for brands such as Louis Vuitton and music artists like deadmau5.

Beeple’s art is characterized by its often surrealistic and, at times, disturbing nature. His work often deals with themes of politics, technology, and society.

His style is heavily influenced by science fiction movies, and he produces some of the most detailed NFTs available.

Beeple’s artwork has fetched record-breaking sales in the NFT market. In early 2021, his artwork “The First 5000 Days” sold for $69 million at a Christie’s auction, a record-breaking sale for any digital art piece.

“The First 5000 Days” is a digital collage of his artwork created over 5,000 days, showing a complex and intricate journey of the modern digital era, making it a massive backdrop to many NFT collections. Beeple has been working since 2007 and has thousands of artworks that can be found online.

Beeple the first 5000 days nft

Beeple frequently presents his views on current events, making him an essential voice in today’s social justice movements. He produced a short film depicting George Floyd’s death, which he contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

Beeple’s artwork is widely displayed on notable NFT platforms like Nifty Gateway and MakersPlace, cementing his position as a groundbreaking NFT artist.

Beeple’s elaborate and striking style has made him one the most renowned NFT artists in the world. His provocative and original works confront the intersection of modern life, technology, and societal values, with his artwork creating thought-provoking imagery that often serves as a form of commentary on political, societal, and environmental issues.

9. Josie Bellini

Josie Bellini nft artist

Italian-American digital artist and NFT founder Josie Bellini is based in Los Angeles, California.

She blends her love of photography, art, and fashion to produce a distinctive form of artwork that combines 2D painting with 3D sculpting.

Bellini frequently uses irony, humour, and satire in his writing. Her writings cast doubt on preconceived conceptions about what it means to be a woman in today’s culture.

Her artwork conveys a sense of fun and playfulness while exploring ideas like gender norms and self-expression.

One of Bellini’s most well-known pieces is “The Red Dress,” which depicts a woman travelling through nature with her arms open in a brilliant red dress.

The purpose of this project was to use fashion to examine the ideas of freedom, individuality, and empowerment.

Other well-known pieces include “Paradise Village,” which explores the idea of constructing your own universe, “Faceless,” which criticises the unrealistic standards of the beauty market, and “Enlightened,” which demonstrates how we may find hope even in the face of adversity.

Among others, Bellini has worked on projects with companies including Nike, Art Collectorz Gallery, and Cinelli Bicycles. She has also participated in other international art shows, including ones in Barcelona, Milan, Rome, and New York City.

The use of vibrant colours, striking images, and surrealism in Josie Bellini’s artwork embraces individuality and self-expression and reflects her own outlook on life. Her impressive body of work makes her an essential part of the NFT universe – a perfect artist to follow for inspiration or just for sheer enjoyment!


RAREZ is an NFT artist owned by Blockchain Music Pty Ltd. All trademarks copyright 2021.

It has been creating digital collectibles from the world’s best music makers since 2021, making them accessible and desirable for all.

RAREZ creates gourmet digital collectibles that are unique and one-of-a-kind. They have a wide range of styles, from Freestyle to Pain & Problems, as well as collaborations with other artists such as D. Tiffany.

Their themes explore topics such as Courtrooms and Caskets, providing listeners with an insight into their creative vision.

RAREZ has released several works, including their album Rarez 2012-2015 by Isla in 2017 which features 10 tracks such as A1, A2, B1 and B5.

They also have a presence on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud where they have 5 monthly listeners and 8 posts on Instagram with 189 followers respectively.

RAREZ has collaborated with many notable artists such as D. Tiffany on their album Rarez 2012-2015 by Isla which was released in 2017.

They have also achieved recognition through their presence on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud where they have 5 monthly listeners respectively.

If you’re looking for unique digital collectibles from the world’s best music makers then RAREZ is definitely worth following!

Their wide range of styles from Freestyle to Pain & Problems will provide you with an insight into their creative vision while their collaborations with other artists will keep you up to date with the latest trends in music production. So why not give them a follow today?


NFT art is a revolutionary new way to create and own digital collectibles that are completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

The world’s best NFT artist such as Josie Bellini, RAREZ, and many others have created amazing works of art that explore themes such as freedom, identity and empowerment while still communicating a sense of joy and playfulness. 

Through the use of vivid colors, bold imagery and surrealism these artists have been able to capture the imaginations of many people around the world.

So why not join in on this exciting journey today by following your favorite NFT artist? There’s something for everyone out there!

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