What are Sports NFTs? – Top 5 Popular Sports NFT

Are you an avid sports fan looking for a unique way to show your fandom? With the emergence of NFTs, fans can now showcase their love of their favorite teams and athletes through some truly creative and meaningful mediums.

For those unfamiliar with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), they are digital collectibles that can represent something tangible or intangible – such as artwork, music, videos, tickets, loyalty points, gaming avatars and more.

In the sports industry specifically, NFTs offer up an array of possibilities to help capture moments in history while also providing fans a platform to gain access to exclusive experiences.

Read on to discover what Sports NFTs are all about and check out our top 5 list of popular sports applications currently available!

What are Sports NFTs?

Sports NFTs are non-fungible tokens that represent unique digital assets related to sports. These can include anything from game tickets, player cards, and unique experiences such as VIP access to events or meet and greets with athletes.

These digital assets are stored on the blockchain and can be traded just like traditional assets such as stocks and bonds.

The concept of sports NFTs is not entirely new. The first sports NFT was released in 2018 when a company called FanChain Mint launched a project to create digital collectibles for soccer fans. 

However, it was not until 2021, when the NBA released its first batch of Top Shot NFTs, that the world began to take notice of sports NFTs.

In just a few months, Top Shot NFTs generated millions of dollars in sales and created a buzz around the potential of digital ownership in the sports world.

How Sports NFTs Work

Sports NFTs work similarly to traditional NFTs. They are created on a blockchain network such as Ethereum and are stored on the blockchain as unique tokens. Each token represents a specific digital asset related to the sports industry.

For example, a Top Shot NFT could represent a unique moment from an NBA game, such as LeBron James’ iconic block in game seven of the 2016 NBA Finals.

When someone purchases a sports NFT, they are essentially buying a digital asset that is unique and stored on the blockchain. The ownership of that asset is then transferred to the buyer, and they can trade or sell it just like traditional assets.

Types of Sports NFTs

There are different types of sports NFTs, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. Here are a few of the most popular types:

  1. Player cards – Sports NFTs that represent specific athletes.
  2. Tickets – NFTs that represent tickets to sports events, including virtual sporting events.
  3. Unique experiences – NFTs that represent unique experiences related to sports, such as VIP access to events and meet and greets with athletes.
  4. Virtual collectibles – NFTs that represent digital trading cards or collectibles related to sports.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects

Sure, here are the top 5 sports NFT projects:

NBA Top Shot

Perhaps the most well-known sports NFT project, NBA Top Shot, allows fans to buy, sell, and trade NFTs representing some of the most iconic NBA moments in history.

The platform has generated millions of dollars in sales and has created a new way for fans to engage with basketball.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects - NBA top shot

The platform has become increasingly popular due to its key features:

  • Flawless, authentic, and limited edition video highlights from the NBA and WNBA
  • Ability to purchase individual plays or entire collections of moments
  • Variety of ways to use your collection such as gifting, trading, or reselling
  • Secure blockchain technology that ensures authenticity and ownership of each moment


Sorare is a fantasy soccer game that allows fans to collect and trade NFT player cards from some of the world’s premier soccer leagues. The game uses blockchain technology to guarantee the uniqueness and rarity of each NFT player card.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects - sorare

Key Features

  • Unique fantasy gaming experience: Create your own fantasy team by purchasing player cards which represent real players from over 100 leagues.
  • Collectible player cards: Each card purchased is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on blockchain technology and has its own unique serial number that ensures authenticity and rarity.
  • Weekly tournaments: Compete against other players in weekly tournaments for prizes like rare player cards and cryptocurrencies.
  • Trading platform: Trade your cards with other users from around the world without fear of frauds or counterfeits due to blockchain technology security.
  • Prizes and rewards: With daily prizes such as cryptocurrency, trading bonus packs, and exclusive NFTs, there are plenty of rewards for participants playing on Sorare.


FanZone is a platform that allows fans to own NFT digital collectibles related to various sports. The platform has partnered with well-known sports teams such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and the Los Angeles Lakers to offer unique digital assets to fans.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects - fanzone

Here are some of the key features of FANZONE Sports NFT:

  • Collect digital collectibles of your favourite teams and athletes as NFTs on FANZONE.
  • Own a Fanzone Sports Club pass NFT to gain access to rewards and experiences from your favorite stars.
  • Trade NFTs (Non-fungible-tokens) of your favourite athletes and teams on the multi-sports platform.
  • Win real-life experiences by collecting cards on FANZONE.
  • Download the free app to get closer to your stars!


Autograph is a platform co-founded by NFL quarterback Tom Brady and entrepreneur Dillon Rosenblatt. The platform aims to allow fans to connect with their favorite athletes through unique digital assets such as NFTs, autographed photo or video content, and experiences.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects - autograph

Key Features

  • Autograph sports NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain, making them one-of-a-kind and impossible to replicate.
  • Many autograph sports NFTs are released in limited editions, with only a specific number of copies available for purchase.
  • Autograph sports NFTs are highly collectible, with each one representing a specific moment in sports history or a particular athlete’s career.

Rarible Sports

Rarible is a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs, and they recently launched a sports-specific category called Rarible Sports. The category offers fans a chance to buy and sell NFTs related to various sports, including soccer, basketball, and football.

Top 5 Popular sports NFT projects - rarible sports

key features:

  • Rarible Sports offers a wide variety of NFTs related to sports, including collectibles, game highlights, trading cards, and more.
  • Rarible Sports enables NFT creators to earn royalties every time their NFT is resold on the platform, creating a sustainable revenue stream for creators.
  • Rarible Sports charges low fees for creators and collectors, making it an accessible and affordable platform for buying and selling NFTs.
  • Rarible Sports has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to buy, sell, and create NFTs.

Future of Sports NFTs

The potential of sports NFTs is enormous. It is not just about creating a new market for digital collectibles but also about changing the way fans engage with sports. Here are a few possibilities for the future of sports NFTs:

  1. Improving fan engagement – Sports NFTs could be used to improve fan engagement by offering unique experiences and opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite teams and athletes.
  2. Redefining sports trading cards – Sports NFTs could redefine the concept of traditional sports trading cards. Instead of owning a physical card, fans would own a digital card that is unique and has value on the blockchain.
  3. Expanding to other sports – While the NBA and soccer have been quick to embrace sports NFTs, other sports such as football, baseball, and hockey could also benefit from this technology.
  4. Revolutionizing ticketing – Sports NFTs could change the way fans purchase and use sports event tickets. Imagine buying an NFT that represents a ticket to an event and being able to sell or trade that ticket just like a traditional asset.


Sports NFTs are revolutionizing the way fans engage with their favorite teams and athletes. With new platforms such as FANZONE, Autograph, and Rarible Sports, it has never been easier to access and trade sports collectibles.

As the technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more innovative use cases for sports NFTs. So, get ready for a world where sports fans can trade their favorite player’s autograph or win real-life experiences by collecting cards on FANZONE!

The future of sports fandom is here. It’s time to join the digital movement and take your fandom to new heights with Sports NFTs!

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